Little Campbell River Fish Hatchery

On Thursday March 6, at the Little Campbell River Fish Hatchery, there will be a meeting at 7pm regarding the severe damage to fisheries and wildlife habitat in the Stokes Pit region of the Little Campbell River watershed. The address is 1284 – 184 St., Surrey.

Surrey city officials will attend to clarify their response to community demand for remediation and more protection and preservation of natural areas in Stokes Pit (also known as Campbell Heights). Representatives from The Semiahmoo Fish and Game Club (hatchery), Surrey Environmental Partners and others, will make presentations calling for additions to Surreys inventory of natural areas. It is hoped that the protection of substantial areas of Stokes Pit will put the city closer to satisfying the need of a burgeoning human population for natural spaces and also to satisfying the needs of numerous wildlife species in Surrey. By attending this public meeting you will send an important message to the city.

In order for you to better understand the gravity of the situation please see the attachment included.

Thank you for your attention;


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